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Co-Founder and Consultant 

   "Like many little girls, I imagined my wedding dress as an expensive, magnificent and perfect dress that captured the moment of a true princess. After growing up and coming to realize what my life was at the time, I realized it was not possible to have such a dress. After this low point; I realized I needed to make this dream possible for myself, and give this opportunity to many other brides to be who dreamed of their wedding day just as I did."

Hannah Caldwell

Co-Founder and Consultant 

   "About a year ago, I was shopping for my own wedding dress. I got so tired of walking into shops feeling like my body was never small enough, big enough, curvy enough etc. My chest was never small enough to fit my waist size or vise versa. So, I wanted to create a company that was totally size inclusive. We cater to extended sizing. Big and beautiful, petit and perfect, we all deserve the perfect fit on our wedding day. I am so exited to continuously provide a personal, and unique experience to each and every bride."

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