Our Mission: Comfort//Support//Affordability

We are strong in our foundation as a business! We strive to provide an exceptional experience to every customer we encounter, wether or not they buy from us. Our mission for every bride is as follows:


Ensuring every bride feels comfortable through our process as well as comfortable in their gown that they designed along side with us.


We want to support them all the way to the alter, and help alleviate the stress of finding a wedding gown. Not only that, we provide support through our blogging as well as being available to our brides at all times.


  1. Making a brides dream dress affordable. This is often times the most trying obstacle for a bride. Luckily we provide customization at an affordable price.

We believe through these pillars, we will be able to exceed any expectations you have ever had when it comes to shopping for a gown. Although untraditional, we are able to help alleviate the stress that is shopping for your gown.


Experience. As two plus size ladies, we know how awful it is to want to try on a dress and it ends up not even being able to get past your bust. The experience Empyreal Dresses provides is a great way to avoid that feeling and skip the inconveniencing, and emotional torment.

Another reason is because we have... to put it plainly, expensive taste.

Trying on these dresses that are $5,000 and up is glamorous, but realistically, are not attainable. We understand more than anyone how important it is to stick to a budget and WE can help you do that, all while making sure you are in love with the final product.

Our most favorite part of Empyreal Dresses is the fact that there will never be a dress like the one YOU CREATE with us. It will be completely unique and designed by YOU. That is right, completely custom made, and designed to your specifications. Trust us, you will never find a custom made gown at our price point.

Stay tuned for our July updates.... we may be having a HUGE sale.


Lissa & Hannah

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