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The uncertainties of planning your wedding during Covid-19

Given the spirit of engagment season after the holiday season; I thought I would write a little about planning a wedding during Covid-19. I recently started planning a clients wedding; they are getting married in January of 2022. There are so many "what if's" and "would it be rude if we asked people to air on the side of caution because of ______?" The short answer is no, in my opinion. However, like so many things now days, nothing is as easy or as a simple yes or no. Especially when it comes to planning such a large, important and not to mention expensive event such as your wedding.


The Venue

The most important thing about your big day is finding the venue that suits your needs, and I cannot stress this enough when I say YOUR NEEDS. While it is nice for a venue to be accommodating for guests, the bottom line is, it has to get the happy couple down the aisle and out of the door with a smile on their faces.

My suggestion as a planner is to sit down as a couple and really hash out what your top three needs from a venue are. Narrow down your choices online and go see LESS THAN ten venues. They will all start to blend together after that, and I even think anything more than six is too many.

A few questions to ask your venue representative as far as Covid-19 goes are:

  1. What are the county guidelines for Covid-19 that the venue is in?

  2. What is the venue expectations for Covid-19 guidelines?

  3. Is there a new capacity limit (does that suit your needs?)

  4. What is the bad weather plan for your wedding?

  5. What if for any reason you have to move your wedding date?

This will give you a good idea of what precautions you will have to take so you don't have to worry about Grandma getting sick, or you not being able to really enjoy your day stress free, and pandemic aware.


The Guest List

For many families, and your "almost in-laws" this can be the most stressful part. Should you invite great aunt sally's ex husband who sent you an engagement gift? Here is the answer, plain and simple. If he wasn't there, how would you feel? Invite people that mean something to you, and understand that the entire worlds DOES NOT have to be invited. Here are some suggestions, or excuses you can give a family member who has a negative comment about your guest list.

  1. "I think it is best to have that person there, rather than not because they mean a lot to me"

  2. "Given the current social climate, I don't think it is necessary to invite that person"

  3. "I understand you want these people (this person) here, however they have not played a major enough role for me to justify an invite"

As harsh as these may sound, at the end of the day, your wedding day is YOUR DAY not anyone else's. Another way to weed out people is, what kind of gift are you expecting to recive from them? As shallow as it may seem, you are paying for their food and entertainment and if the gift is not more than that cost, it just serves as another way to weed out guests.

Covid-19 Precautions

The COOLEST thing I have seen a couple do is similar to red light green light parties in college! Couples provide red, yellow and green rubber bracelets for guests. Each color indicates a level of touching for your guests to make it easier and less awkward for those who do not wish to be touched.

Another easy way to HELP not PREVENT, the spread of Covid-19 at your wedding is to simply have some people (ushers, or someone who wants a job), checking temperatures of guests walking in. I have attached a link for cost efficient thermometers. It may sound like a lot, but it gives you AND your guests an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. IN my opinion; the red green and yellow are not very cute... but you could find some in your wedding colors or use colored glow stick bracelets as well. Just an idea. The link provided has thermometers and bracelets that are on sale!


Planning a wedding right now is so difficult, especially with the long awaited vaccine being so close, yet so far! Just know that Empyreal is here to support our brides with cost efficient wedding gowns and support through our blog. Bottom line is, it is YOUR DAY and you need to do what will make you and your partner happy. It will be a wonderful day, however you chose to celebrate!


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